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  gate our company is zinc pot/bucket factory located in the Linyi City,
Shandong Pronvince, China
  BSCI of zinc pot factory XT

Our company passed the BSCI cetification in 2019 ,

and can cooperate with more internation brands.



sample room Xiangtai Crafts CO.,LTD. offers more than 1000 kinds of 
zinc products .About 70% of these are flower pots,30%
are zinc home decoration. You can  choose them from
our Sample room,we have a warm welcome for your arrival.

Our company has an office buliding of more than 1000 square meters.

The frist floor of the office building has more than ten management personnel

to ensure the accurate handover of each processs.

  offfice space

On the second floor of office building ,there is a beautiful environment ,

with a meeting table for more than ten people. The company's product shooting

and online sales office is also on the second floor.

  proofing room

The customr can perovide the pictures or samples they want to send to us,

according to the comer's needusts to make the finished product semi-manually

to the customer for confirmation, and then production line.

  laser cutting machine

We have two large laser cutting machines.According to the appearance of the

finished product,the painter draws pictures of the parts on the computer, which are

uploaded to the cutting machine to automatically cut all kinds of precision parts.


Our factory has more than ten presses and hundreds of moulds,

which can suppressdifferent raised or sunken patterns and

cut different shapes of zinc plates.

  mash welder

We have four spot welders in our factory.

Workers use spot welders to weld tiny parts such as the handles

of zinc flower pot/bucket,decorative plates and spouts of kettles.


Workers hand-make zinc flower pot/bucket handles, making sure

each handle has the same arc, and then mount the handle to the zinc pot/bucket

with a spot welder or rivet.


We have four workshops for workers to paint products.

We can mix different colors according to customers'pictures or samples.Each product

should be painted at least twice to ensure that the zinc background is not exposed.


Four injection molding machines work at the same time, can be sprayed to

the product with different color highlights or matte powder, after high temperature kiln

baking, on the product surface attached to a layer of uniform color plastic outer layer.


Our factory has four mimeograph machines and hunderds of patterns of

screen printing ,printing a variety of clear color patterns, or according to customer

requirements,new screen.




Paper or pearl wool is placed between each zinc pot/bucket to prevent scratches .

Multiple packagings can prevent the goods from bumping during long distance transportation.

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